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take back some time for yourself

Design your own stay at Brightlands Retreat

Weekend or mid-week getaway? We have a range of self retreats that allow you to design your own stay.

Begin with comfortable accommodation and healthy meals, then choose from a menu of services including Yoga, meditation, massage and wholistic treatments.

Then venture out into the beautiful Blue Mountains to round out your stay.

It’s your choice!

design your own day

Why are you coming to Brightlands Retreat? Maybe your plan is to work on your health. Perhaps you want to take in the sights in the Blue Mountains. Or maybe you just want to rest.

We can help you design the perfect retreat for you. Choose from a menu of wholistic treatments, classes and activities, to design a retreat that works on your terms.

How would you spend a day here?

with the sunrise (or significantly later …)

Wake up in your comfortable Retreat room to the sounds of birdsong and a soft mountain breeze. Enjoy the view from your room as you slowly prepare for the day.

Enjoy a nourishing, nutritious breakfast and then relax in the grounds for a few hours.


stretch and align

A mid-morning yoga session leaves you feeling energised, centred and balanced. Then, head into the onsite Wellness Centre for a relaxing spa treatment, natural health consultation or Ka Huna massage.

time to explore

After some lunch to fuel up, it’s time to look at the world from on high. The Blue Mountains is home to some of the world’s best walking tracks and sights, many of which include spectacular views over the valleys. Whether you’re in the mood for a few hours of hiking, or feel like a short stroll with a gorgeous view, you’ll find what you’re looking for. We have a range of activities especially curated for you.


find peace

Return to the Retreat after your afternoon in the Mountains for a guided meditation session in the beautiful indoor Winter garden.

wind down

As the sun begins to set and the Mountain air gets chillier, take to the Formal Room and curl up by the fire with a good book.

Later, connect with the other guests over a communal dinner, or enjoy a peaceful meal alone, before ending your day with a quiet moment of peace and gratitude before bed.

we can't wait to welcome you

Book a package today, or contact us to begin planning your personal retreat.